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For companies


We can offer you a complete and individual approach to support your investment project or innovation of your existing office space.


  • Present us with your ideas and wishes, requirements and business plan
  • We will create a project design, 3D visualization, an estimated financial plan leaving space for your suggestions and requirements. Newly a virtual tour is also included.
  • Together we will come to final version finding the optimal solution for you (construction quality * price * your requirements)
  • We will provide you with the project documentation, accurate cost estimate and arrange the construction permit with relevant authorities for you
  • We will perform the selection procedure of supplier for you or we can perform the construction work by ourself


Administrative / Office building

Apartment block Křivoklátská



STK České Zlatníky Revitalization Brownfield

Fitness Podbaba


Fitness in OC Central


Project of the area development + inside layout

Truck service

Designs of family houses for a developer

Business unit in OC Central Kladno

Zewatt s.r.o

Business premises for storing and selling pellets and boilers

Technical infrastructure for 14 family houses

Vila dům

Maxalex Invest s.r.o.

Fitness Karlín

Maxalex Invest s.r.o.

Residential complex

Centre of processing hops

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